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Rejuvenating Eye Serum with Sea Buckthorn and Coffee Bean Oil


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My goal with this product was to create a timeless formula using only the best ingredients nature has to offer. Our Sea Buckthorn and Coffee Bean Oil Eye Serum work wonders!

This unique formula of carefully selected ingredients including, Rosehip, Algae, Jojoba, and Cacay oil, gives the under-eye skin the special care it needs allowing for a youthful and delicate glow.

Sea Buckthorn
Considered a powerful source of Carotene, Vitamin A, and C, Sea Buckthorn has a unique ability to restore the integrity of the skin.

Coffee Bean Oil
Due to its high concentration of Caffeine, this rich ingredient activates the metabolic processes in blood vessels and accelerates the regeneration of skin cells.

Rosehip oil
Known for its lavish red color, Rosehip is a powerful antioxidant with a high concentration of Vitamin C.

Native to Southern California, Jojoba Oil was specifically used to greatly activate collagen synthesis and boost healthier-looking skin.

Avocado Oil works perfectly against pronounced fine lines, effectively smoothing out the skin around the eyes.

Algae oil
Cultivated through a slow artisanal process, this oil has amazing rejuvenating, smoothing, and protective properties.

Found along the basins of the Amazon river, Cacay Oil is a rich source of Vitamins and Minerals and acts as an indispensable ingredient for maintaining a natural glow.

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